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Covid-19 Oxygen Drive

Update (06/14/2021): After rigorous efforts our EH team finally distributed all 12 Oxygen Concentrators, a big Thank you for all your generous support, really proud of this mission completion.

Update (05/14/2021) : EH team procured 12 Oxygen Concentrators (OCs) after continuous follow-up with different leads, Further out of the 12 OCs, 8 are dispatched today to hospitals in Telangana and 4 to the last mile delivery in parts of Andhra Pradesh, India. 

Update (05/04/2021) : Educating Her team, is working hard on the logistics for concentrators as we face restrictions/rules imposed on our supplier by the ED (Enforcement Directorate) we are now on wait list and while we take the requests we can’t confirm availability yet, we already committed our allocated funds for current batch supply of the concentrators. We are closely monitoring the situation and work out the best possible way. We are still mobilizing the funds and shall reserve concentrators as the situation ease out.

Update (04/30/2021) :India is experiencing a devastating second wave of COVID-19 throughout the country and has seen more COVID cases in the last seven days than any other country with more than two million cases recorded in a week and 200,000+ deaths overall. Hospitals in numerous cities are being pushed to the brink, oxygen supplies are dangerously low and makeshift funeral pyres burn day and night.

India needs us now to combat this crisis and provide relief support quickly so we are committing to donate up to $100,000 to get the relief efforts underway. We plan to partner with multiple accredited organizations that are working hard at ground zero to provide COVID aid resources.

We are supplying Oxygen concentrators with support of a local NGO’s . Our priority is to provide to support to poor people in need.



Update (06/21/2021) :

Thank you for your generous donations, Our Educating Her Team had tirelessly worked for last couple of months and got 1000+ members vaccinated with Vaccine drives, transporting the needed to private hospitals and reimbursed vaccine amount for each vaccine Doze person.

Update (05/14/2021) : EH Team secured basic supplies that can support 50 families just before Lockdowns in India, our team is working packing supplies this week that can support 50 families. 

Update (05/12)2021): EH team helping adults and poor families with to and from transport to vaccine centers at various slums in Hyderabad, so far we were able to get 500 eligible adults vaccinated with our transport services. 

Update (05/04/2021) : Educating Her team, is working hard on the logistics for vaccines, Govt of India now limited supply of Vaccines to private hospitals and this month they are prioritizing Vaccine only to Govt hospitals with age restriction in place. Our Educating Her team is mobilizing funds and would be supplying basic needs basket of one month supplies of (Rice, pulses, masks, sanitizers, gloves) to old-age homes in South India, our team is also helping with to and from transportation to vaccine centers for old and poor families.

Update (04/30/2021) : 1 in 3 families are now getting impacted by COVID-19, India has seen a steep increase in COVID-positive cases. As of May 2021, it is estimated that some 20+ million have tested positive, and the total COVID related death count is around 225,000+. It is estimated that 300 million Indians may have been affected. We can save lives proactively by educating and motivating poor families with vaccine drive.

“Educating Her” have started ‘India COVID-19 Vaccine Drive’ Campaign and is seeking your support. We are raising funds to raise vaccine awareness and match with vaccine amount or essential supplies for poor families. All they have to show is the proof of vaccine receipt and they get reimbursed for vaccine amount they paid or they can choose one month food supplies for their family. “Educating her” leadership team and volunteers are working with our volunteer network in India around the clock in this effort.

Your generous support in the past has helped Educating Her carry out important and major work, both in times of crises, as well as for development and outreach work.